Polish Pottery

is Meant to be Used


Make ahead casseroles  and freeze in Polish pottery for special days or every day.

Dishwasher Safe

Don't let the pretty fool you.

Polish Pottery is durable and can be passed down through generations in families. Although it may crack if you drop it or set it down on a hot surface, this pottery is thick and solid enough to withstand minor bumps and wear that occurs during typical daily use. It will even hold up to sharp knives and metal utensils. 

Beauty, Function,
& Durability
Great for Baking

Polish pottery is a stoneware and therefor holds heat well, distributing it evenly and cooking foods efficiently. This heat-holding quality makes it especially useful for baked goods, which develop a lovely, browned exterior. Because Polish pottery holds heat so well, food may continue to cook even after you remove it from the oven. This quality can save energy, but consider it when baking foods with sensitive cooking times.

Oh, so easy to wash!

The nonporous glaze of Polish pottery makes it a breeze to clean up by hand or in the dishwasher - no soaking needed!

Check out our video for proof! 

Warming up left overs or cooking a full meal, Polish pottery is perfect in the microwave.

Then clean it all up in the dishwasher!


Safe to use in your oven up to 400*F.

Cadmium Free
Lead Free