Discover fantastic

ways to use your

Polish Pottery every day.

Siostra is proud to announce the THIRD series of

Cooking with the Siostras classes!

Join sisters Katheryne, Jenny, and Sarah as we show you how to get the most from your Polish pottery,  Classes will alternate between traditional Polish cooking and

everyday meals for families best cooked in Polish pottery.

Upcoming Classes

Register by calling Siostra at 636-925-1480.
Muffin Pan Madness                  Oct 2016

Muffins, Meatloafs, and other Mouth-Watering Meals


Muffin Pan Class is 2-3 hours with enough food for a meal.

Put a Lid on It!                             Nov 2016

Bigos (Hunter's Stew) and Fijitas                                                    

Covered Baker Class is 2-3 hours with enough food for a meal.

Cooking with the Siostras

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Past Classes

Powidla Sliwkowke (Plum Butter) Sep 2016

With Nalesniki (Polish crepes)


Each participant will take home at least one jar of plum butter.  This class does not include a full meal, only the dessert.  September 2016

$10 non-refundable deposit per student must be paid at time of registration. Remaining balance of $20 per student can be paid the day of the class.

Classes must have a minimum 4 participants registered by the Wednesday afternoon prior to run.  Students will be notified Wednesday evening of cancellation or options to join other classes.

It's COLD Outside                        Jan 2017 
Baked Alaska and Chicken EnCHILLada casserole.      Polish Pottery is safe to use in your microwave, oven, and freezer and resists chipping from knives and this class will prove it. It is 2-3 hours with enough food for a meal.

Golabki/Golumkis                       Feb 2017

Polish Stuffed Cabbage Rolls                                                Join us for this 3 hour class on a Polish specialty with enough food for a meal! Our 10 am class will feature a guest chef! 

Polish Pottery Pickling       August 2017

Bubble with fermented happiness in this 3 hour canning class.  Light refreshments served, all participants take home at least 2 jars of pickled veggies. We will also cover making sauerkraut. Bring or buy a crock and take it home full! 

Pierogies                                   March 2017

 Join us for this 3 hour class that will highlight many twists on the Polish staple - Pierogies!

As easy as...Polish Pottery!   April 2017

Join us for this 3 hour class that will cover crumb top, meringue top, and double crust pies.  We will be showcasing the use of Polish Pottery Pie Plates, Rolling Pins, and Pie Birds! Bring or buy a pie plate and take it home full!

Polish Grilling                             Sept 2017

This 3 hour class will be held outdoors, celebrating the return of cooler fall days - we hope!  We will grill up a variety of recipes, discuss charcoal fundamentals, and eat some delicious food - including Polish sausage.  Guest Chef - Jon Anderson!

You Had Me At Vodka        October 2017

In this 3 hour class we'll crank out homemade pasta and give it a Polish twist with a vodka sour cream sauce.  And while we are at it, we'll use our Polish vodka vanilla extract to whip up a tasty dessert. Bring or buy a Polish Pottery bottle with stopper and we'll send you home with your own!

Christmas Cookies                      Nov 2017

Roll out the cookie dough in this 3 hour class devoted to all things Christmas Cookie with several traditional Polish recipes and German Springerles. 

Breads and Soup                         Jan 2018

Keep your new year's resolution to work out and come bake some bread with us - an hour of kneading can burn over 100 calories! We do plan to negate it all though, as we enjoy the results with some delicious soups perfect for winter weather.

Pie - It's what's for dinner!       Feb 2018

Pies aren't just for dessert anymore.  But really, when have they been just for dessert? Join the Siostras to learn some tricks to delicious flakey crusts while putting together the perfect pie for supper.

Babka Cakes                            March  2018

Babka is the Polish word for Grandmother, and this traditional Easter cake, baked in a bundt pan, takes on the shape of her wide flared skirts to give these cakes their names.  Recipe variations abound, so come on over to check out ours.

Breakfast      September 15, 10am - 1pm

Mmmmm.....breakfast....the most important meal of the day and what better way to enjoy it than in your Polish pottery?  We'll demo quick and easy, on-the-go, and impressive enough for Easter morning with in-laws (hint:the pottery really helps with this one).

Teen Time              August 25, 11am-2pm

Our first ever class run by teens for teens. Drop your teen (age 12-19) at Siostra and then spend a few hours exploring Main Street. Meanwhile, teens will learn how to make a quick and easy three course meal including pasta from scratch.  This class will be taught by the Siostras' own teens!

Pierogies                                      April 2018

 Join us for this 3 hour class that will highlight many twists on the Polish staple - Pierogies!

Golabki               October 13, 10am - 1pm

Golabki "little doves", are a traditional Polish dish served at Christmastime, weddings, and reunions. This deliciousness is a celebration of family and comfort everyone is sure to love, even the cook - because it freezes nicely so can be made ahead of time!  Come celebrate with us!

COOKIES!!  Nov 16, 6-10pm 
            Nov 17, 10am-1pm & 3-6pm

Three classes of cookies means there's room for almost everyone, but this annual class fills quickly so don't wait! This year we will revisit Springerles, try out Scandinavian Rosettes, and mix-up a few other surprises.