Boleslawiec, Poland


Make ahead casseroles  and freeze in Polish pottery for special days or every day.

Dishwasher Safe

Home of Polish Pottery

White clay deposits in western Poland are the foundation of this pottery's beauty.  The color and purity of the clay shows through in  every piece.

The perfect clay

The name of this charming town may be hard to pronounce, luckily, their wares are easy to use.

Genuine Polish Pottery

Polish pottery is typically marked with an emblem of the factory from which it was produced.  Siostra carries a variety of manufacturers and artists.

Warming up left overs or cooking a full meal, Polish pottery is perfect in the microwave.

Then clean it all up in the dishwasher!


Safe to use in your oven up to 400*F.

This beautiful pottery originated as folk art in the 1300's.  Farmers would make the pottery in the winter, when it was too cold for outside work, for use in their own kitchens. Because of it's durability. excellent baking properties, and it's timeless beauty, it is coveted in kitchens around the world.

Cadmium Free
Lead Free